Without the coauthors, this research would never have been accomplished. Mark Ormsby was effectively a co-PI on the project, providing continued work on the development of our UV-Vis-NIR models for predicting gelatin content, paper color, and paper strength. Mark also contributed a large number of the plots seen in the plot library, along with unflagging support and enthusiasm for the project overall. Robert Shannon completed three XRF calibrations and provided patient and professional assistance during work with the XRF instrument and accessory. Irene Brückle has been a consistent supporter of this research from the earliest funding-proposal writing to the present. Her astute attention to the history of gelatin and alum sizing and its relationship to conservation practice was an essential component in the project. Joe Lang provided a watchful statistical eye during evaluation of the data as well as creative solutions to our data-plotting challenges. Jenn Wade, Michael Schilling, and Joy Mazurek contributed analytical laboratory work that was required before any calibration of the nondestructive instrumentation was possible. Jessica White served as the tireless graduate research assistant who for two years helped select, log in, photograph, and analyze the 1,578 specimens included in the research.

In addition to the co-authors, many other individuals made important contributions to various aspects of the project. They include:

Finally, the following institutions and offices also helped make this research possible by direct financial or logistical support, or by contribution of their staff member's time:

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